Gaming Analysis & Reporting

At IGA, we take the stress out of gaming machine analysis. We crunch the numbers and translate them into meaningful information. This enables you to fulfil regulatory requirements, whilst providing a foundation on which to make accurate, informed decisions for the benefit of your venue and patrons. 

As an IGA client, you’ll receive:

  • Gaming Reports (including reports required under Gaming Acts & Regulations)
  • Management Reports (to ascertain theft or poker machine malfunctions)
  • Performance Reports (to guide you on future purchases, upgrades and sales of gaming machines)
  • Percentage Analysis Reports (on individual machines to ensure maximum profit from each machine)
  • Percentage Reports (on outlets to ensure expenditure is kept to a minimum)
  • Graphical Reports (to gauge historical performance and expected trends)

(Speaking of numbers… Did you know that we also design gaming procedures to align with the needs of individual gaming rooms?)


Why work with IGA:

  • No contracts required - Because we are so confident you’ll love our system, IGA consults with venues (Australia wide) without the obligation of lengthy contracts. That means more freedom for you!
  • No “cover ups” - In-house analysis often leads to staff endeavouring to hide mistakes made with gaming figures and machines, in order to protect their own interests
  • Accurate & Cost Effective - Do you waste hours reviewing data yourself, or paying wages to staff to do it for you? IGA’s streamlined system saves you money and time so you can focus on the important things.
  • A wealth of experience - Rob has 32 years experience in the gaming industry, managing some of the biggest clubs in NSW, and his wealth of knowledge will ensure that you get the maximum return from your machines.
  • Confidentiality is assured - As IGA is independently owned and not affliliated with any gaming suppliers or licensed outlets, you can be assured that your reports and data will remain confidential at all times.
  • All boxes ticked - IGA’s comprehensive reports gives you substantial information on your gaming setup and covers all requirements under the gaming act and regulations.

We understand that your gaming returns are essential to your venue’s viability, & that every dollar counts.

That’s why we tailor our systems to suit your venue’s needs.

So contact IGA today to get your machines returning more…